Sefwi Wiawso/ Bibiani HIA

Hotspot Intervention Area

National Sub-Programme Ghana Cocoa-Forest REDD+ Programme
Description Located in the Western North Region of Ghana. It has in place a consortium of partners(Forestry Commission and Ghana Cocoa Board,MMDA's, Private sector, CSO's , NGOs, Agric Department) and a landscape management board, consisting of reps from cluster communities in the landscape.
Boundaries 376,993ha
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Communities Involved
Consortium Partners

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Non-Carbon Benefits

BenefitDescription BenefitType Beneficiary


Site Description Coordinates
Site1 Name1 6.210000, -2.500000
Site2 Name2 6.610000, -1.710000
Site3 Name3 7.950000, -1.610000

Safeguards Information


Developed Landscape Management Board (LMB) for one traditional section (stool) of the HIA which is analogous to the HMB.  The key next step is to mainstream activities of the LMB into that of the broader HIA and also develop the governance structures for the remaining traditional stool land areas for inclusivity.


Main Activities:

Supply of Shade Tree Seedlings to farmers to be planted in their farms.

Training of stakeholders on REDD+ safeguards instruments (ESMF, SESA).

Provision of alternative livelihoods for farmers.