Asutifi/Asunafo HIA

Hotspot Intervention Area

National Sub-Programme Ghana Cocoa-Forest REDD+ Programme
Description Located in the Ahafo region within the Asunafo and Asutifi district of Ghana. This is also being lead by the government of Ghana with close collaboration with private sectors; Mondelez Cocoa life (Ghana), UNDP, Proforest Ghana
Boundaries 328,512ha
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Non-Carbon Benefits

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Safeguards Information


One CREMA (Ayum-Asuokow CREMA) has been developed in the HIA. Consultancy procured to develop the governance structures for the remaining portions to aggregate into HMB.
Consultancy procured to assist with processes to sign Framework agreement. Full establishment of Governance structures to be completed by end of September 2021 with the signing of Framework Agreement.


Main Activities:

Supply of Shade Tree Seedlings to farmers to be planted in their farms.

Training of stakeholders on REDD+ safeguards instruments  (ESMF, SESA).

Mondelez Cocoa Life initiated a process to plant and restore degraded forest lands using the Modified Taungya System.